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Does birth trigger cell death in the developing brain?

February, 2020

Birth delivery mode alters perinatal cell death in the mouse brain

October, 2018

Birth Mode & Early Development

Birth Mode

Microglial depletion causes region-specific changes to developmental neuronal cell death in the mouse brain

August, 2019

Effects of sex and prenatal androgen manipulations on Onuf's nucleus of rhesus macaques  

March, 2018

Patterns of cell death in the perinatal mouse forebrain  

January, 2017

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of sexual differentiation in the mammalian nervous system

January, 2016

Cell death atlas of the postnatal mouse ventral forebrain and hypothalamus: Effects of age and sex

January, 2013


Gut-Brain Axis
Social Behavior

Past, present and future of epigenetics in brain sexual differentiation 

February, 2018

Neonatal inhibition of DNA methylation alters cell phenotype in sexually dimorphic regions of the mouse brain

June, 2017

Epigenetic mechanisms in sexual differentiation of brain and behavior

February, 2016

Epigenetics and sex differences in the brain: a genome-wide comparison of histone-3 lysine-4 trimethylation (H3k4me3) in male and female mice

August 2015

Gut-Brain Axis

Steroids, stress, and the gut microbiome-brain axis

February 2018

The microbiota influences cell death and microglia colonization in the perinatal mouse brain 

January 2018

Effects of gut-derived endotoxin on anxiety-like and repetitive behaviors in male and female mice

January 2018

Vasopressin deletion is associated with sex-specific shifts in the gut microbiome

January 2018

Neural Basis of Social Behavior

Dissociation of puberty and adolescent social development in a seasonally breeding species 

April 2018

Atypical Social Development in Vasopressin-deficient brattleboro rats

April 2016

Sexually dimorphic role for vasopressin in the development of social play

February 2014

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