Alexandra and Nancy find that an early birth can trigger cell death in the mouse brain (February 2020)
Carla and Laura find highest expression of methylation and demethylation enzymes early in life (February 2020)
Laura and Carla find that the neonatal inhibition of epigenetic marks disrupts masculinization of particular types of neurons (January 2020)

Awards and Graduations

Aviva is awarded a Nu Rho Psi Undergraduate Research Grant
Ilona wins second place at the Natural and Computational Sciences Poster session at GSU's Undergraduate Research Conference
Laura is awarded "2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award"
Yarely earns her doctorate degree in Neuroscience
Nancy and Alexandra are awarded an NSF grant to study the effects of the microbiota on brain development
The Forger Lab meets Nobel Laurate Eric Kandel at SFN!
Aviva wins best poster at the 2019 Summer Research Symposium presented by Brains & Behavior and CASA (GSU) and at the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of North Georgia.
Nicole Peters and Christopher Fields earn their doctorates degree in Neuroscience 
Carla is awarded an International Brain Research Organization Award
Laura is awarded Honeycutt Fellowship
Laura is awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship


Geert de Vries talks about handling sex differences in medicine relating to neuropeptides.

Krishna discusses her project on the microbiota and the brain. Featured by GSU's undergraduate research group.

Morgan Mosley talks about the role of DNA methylation in sexual differentiation. Featured by the Endocrine Society.


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